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Buzzing bees visit studio for taste of honey

Buzzing bees are one of my favorite sounds in the world. Last week Joseph and I were driving back to the farm from Portland. A gorgeous day. All I wanted to do when we got home was get out in … Continue reading

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Bee-centered beekeeping: When a hive grows slowly

Bee-centered beekeeping takes a different approach than conventional beekeeping. The aim is to do things the way the bees themselves would do them. One of my top bar hives was going strong all spring and then a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Swarms with Jacqueline Freeman

Bringing Home the Bees Sunday  April 24  10am – 3pm   $50  taught by Jacqueline Freeman We’re not jumping the gun. Last year swarm season unexpectedly began in March and most of us weren’t ready. Spend a fascinating day learning about the magic … Continue reading

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