Swarms and Feral Bees: Wildness in your hive  

Our farm bees are from wild swarms with good genetic diversity. Wild bees have survived without human or chemical interventions and often are naturally strong and healthy. 


Click here Sunday March 5th in Battle Ground
at the Venersborg Schoolhouse
— co-sponsored by the Preservation Beekeeping Club

Click here for Saturday April 29th in Portland
at the Rose City Park United Methodist Churck (where PUB meets)
— co-sponsored by the Portland Urban Beekeepers Club (PUB)

Learn about the purposeful activity that leads to swarming and how the hive organizes itself to reproduce itself and increase the number of colonies in the area. Understand the logic of why bees swarm and why we prefer to let bees breed on their own rather than purchasing artificially inseminated queens of dubious stock.

And here’s the exciting part of class — you’ll know how to peacefully interact with and COLLECT A SWARM IN THE WILD. Working with swarms is one of the most wonderful things I’ve done in my life. I hope you find it as heart-fulfilling as I do.

I’ll show you how to make and place a BAIT HIVE to encourage swarms to populate a hive in your yard, and we’ll briefly cover how to do a CUTOUT of an established wild hive that’s living where it ought not be (like inside a kitchen wall) which you can then re-home into one of your hive boxes.

Extra bonus: Price includes membership in the Preservation Beekeeping Club  or the Portland Urban Beekeepers club, or a discount if you’re already a member. Yippee! Club members can collect swarms with other club members. No guarantees you’ll get a swarm but it’s certainly worth the experience and often our students end up with a lovely vibrant thriving colonies.

REGISTER by clicking at the top on the link for the location and date you prefer.

Class runs 10am-3pm with 30 minutes off for lunch. Best to bring lunch with you.

Tuition:  $55   includes an annual membership in the Preservation Beekeeping club (Battle Ground) or the Portland Urban Beekeepers club (Portland). Already a member? PUB and PB members pay $30. 

Want to see something totally fun? Watch this video!