Spirit Bee welcomes all who love bees

At Spirit Bee, we’re busy as our beloved bees. We invite you to explore new information about honeybees and their natural and spiritual role in the world of Nature.

Oh joy! Oh joy! The book is out! Click HERE to visit the book page and watch the new video our publisher (Sounds True) made for the book. <– Be sure to see this, they did a an amazing job getting the feeling of the farm and this different way of relating with bees.

Here’s something to get you buzzing! Watch this swarm in Jacqueline’s front yard. Put this on full screen and see the bees up close. And please do signup on the right (link is below photo of the bee on the pink flower) for our monthly newsletter.

Nifty things to do on the Spirit Bee website:

Jacqueline’s newly revised book came out Sept 1st. Read about the book here.

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Our STOREJQ smiley bees at Spirit Bee lets you register for bee classes, order our stunning bee greeting cards and CDs of our bees singing the “Song of Increase,” and purchase books. Bee-loving friends make things we particularly love — See what our clever friends make here.

Take a class with Jacqueline or one of our dear bee friends. Click on the Spirit Bee EVENTS link on the top banner. We’re done for the year now as our bees are resting for the winter. This year’s 2016 classes included Corwin Bell (top bar hives), Michael Jostin Thiele (primitive log and sun hives), and Susan Chernak-McElroy (basics of beekeeping).

2. Do you live in the greater Portland OR & Vancouver WA area? Want to be notified of future Bee Classes and get-togethers? Join our Bee Meetup group. www.Meetup.com/Natural-Beekeeping What do we talk about? To read the bee class topics,  Click Here

Hear Jacqueline talk about Song of Increase on the Beyond 50 Radio Show. Click here to listen.

3. My book! I write about what the bees have taught me about their role in the world. Fascinating information that I often share in my classes. It released in 2015 and did so well it caught the attention of a few publishing houses. I chose SOUNDS TRUE as publisher and they helped me polish the book up even more. The newly revised book released on September 1, 2016.

4. Watch videos of Jacqueline working with and talking about her bees. Oh yeah!

5. Cool news: Two years ago I was invited by the U.S. Embassy and the USDA to help rural beekeepers in Dominican Republic establish a biodynamic and organic honeybee program. ‘Twas a marvelous journey sharing knowledge and love for bees. Our good friend Michael Thiele from www.GaiaBees.com came, too. After we returned home, we learned the Dominican Republic program received funding for the next five years! We are thrilled they are so open to this respectful knowledge and willing to take the time to deeply listen to bees. We’re eager to share our journey and conversations with the honeybees.

Now let’s get started. You can begin your Spirit Bee journey by  clicking on the link titled “How we care for our bees” and you’ll see “Listening to the Bees.” You’ve got a choice of reading or listening to me speak about how I got started with honeybees and where they’ve been taking me. I hope you enjoy it.


Jacqueline Freeman                 Human Bee-ing