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Respecting the Quiet

I am careful in winter to be still as snow when I’m near my hives. As the weather gets colder and colder, the bees begin their journey to their inner world. Bees in cluster are suspended in a quiet time much like meditation. Any disturbance, like knocking against the hive or stomping nearby, may rouse them […]

Magnificent Winter Cluster

THE MAGNIFICENT WINTER CLUSTER Making heat makes bees hungry. It’s important the honey be nearby. Colonies can die if the honey is too far from the cluster. Many beekeepers have opened hives in spring and found colonies who died of starvation despite full honey stores just two combs away. If it’s too cold, the bees won’t […]

Bees who are Blankets, Bees who are Heaters

When bees get cold they cluster together in the center of the hive. a puppy-pile of bees all nestled into one another, with the Queen snuggled securely in the middle. Like stones warmed by the sun, warm honey in the surrounding comb has insulating properties that help keep the cluster at a constant temperature. No […]